Rogue is a European League of Legends esports team. They play in the League of Legends European Championship, one of the biggest leagues under Riot ‘s approval.

It’s also the league that seems to be coming out on top , in the EU vs NA rivalry. And now, KOI are seeking to join it, by merging with Rogue.

KOI is a Spanish team formed in December 2021, founded by former LVP caster Ibai Llanos, and FC Barcelona’s player Gerard Piqué. The team currently plays in the Spanish LVP Superliga.

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With this deal, Rogue would, it seems, keep their own spot in the LEC, while being able to transfer their Europe Regional League team from Poland’s Ultraliga to Spain’s LVP Superliga.

And, if the rumours are to be true, these two things are something that Rogue pay special attention to. After all, KOI are not the only team that are in talks with Rogue about a possible merger.

Case Esports, Giants and the Karmine Corp have all been extending the same possibility. Though, it would appear that the terms are not the same, as KOI are the ones that have managed to get the furthest in their negotiations.

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