Strongest LoL event in existence “Worlds 2017” is currently LIVE. Worlds best League of Legends teams are all in one place – Wuhan, China. Likes of team solo midTSMSKT1gamers2G2 and others will play in group phase of the tournament and fight for best two spots which will earn their place in playoffs.

Group A:
Edward Gaming
AHQ eSports
SKT1 Telecom
Favorites in this group are clearly SKT1 Telecom while Edward Gaming and cloud9Cloud9 are favorites to fight for 2nd place.  AHQ eSports is underdog in this group and will look to take surprising victory against Edward Gaming or cloud9Cloud9.

Group B:
Longzhu Gaming
Favorites in Group B are Longzhu Gaming who surprisingly won #1 spot in LCK league by besting SKT1 Telecom! For second place we will have battle between immortalsImmortals and fnaticFNATIC, while Gigabyte Marines will look for upset in order to advance.

Group C:
 Royal Never Give Up
gamers2Gamers 2
1907 Fenerbace
Samsung Galaxy
Favorites in Group C are Samsung Galaxy even though they are #3 placed in LCK. They will be challenged by gamers2G2, while 1907 Fenerbahce and Royal Never Give Up will fight for upsets and hope of advancing.

Group D:
team solo midTeam Solo Mid
Team WE
Flash Wolves
Group D has Flash Wolves as their main favorite. team solo midTSM will have to confirm their #1 NA LCS spot by besting at least Team WE and misfitsMisfits, while both teams will search for victory against team solo midTSM and Flash Wolves as a way to get to playoffs.