Biggest League of Legends tournament(Worlds) in the world featuring only the best form all corners of the globe are meeting in Seoul, South Korea to find out who is the best team of them all.

Tournament that features total of 24 teams started today with matches from groups C & D where 6 teams are battling in round robin format for top place and secured spot in main event.

Group C
Cloud9(NA LCS) 2-0
Detonation FocusMe(LJL) 1-1
KaBuM! e-Sports(CBLoL) 0-2

Cloud9 -vs- DFM

Group D
G-Rex(LMS) 2-0
Gambit Esports(LCL) 1-1
Kaos Latin Gamers(CLS) 0-2

Gambig Esports -vs- G-Rex

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Marko Ladavac