These are coming soon and also below you can check out list for the upcoming games at June & July

Honkai: Star Rail | April 27

Via Epic Games

Genshin Impact’s developers are headed to space with another gacha game, this time a turn-based sci-fi adventure. As with Genshin, expect elemental magic and lots of characters to optimize your party with.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor | April 28

Via EA StarWarscom

It’s dark days for lone Jedi Cal Kestis. Hunted by the Empire across known space, Cal’s got a bigger bag of tricks to help him Jedi: Survive—new fighting styles, new friends, and a newfound talent for taming lizards all feature in this Star Wars sequel.

Redfall | May 2, 2023

Via Steam

An open world, vampire-slaying co-op shooter from the devs behind Dishonored. Battle cultists, fight vampire gods on the psychic plane, and rid Redfall of its blood-sucker infestation.

Darkest Dungeon 2 | May 8, 2023

Via Steam

Everyone’s favorite doomed dungeon-crawlers return in a roguelike roadtrip through a worldwide eldritch apocalypse. New 3D graphics, battle mechanics, and hero affinities bring all kinds of new joys and plenty more new horrors.

System Shock | May 30, 2023

Via Epic Games

Return to Citadel Station in the modern reimagining of the 1994 classic, and relive the FPS that helped cement the immersive sim as one of the most-loved, worst-named genres.

Mask of the Rose | June 8

Via Steam

Descend once more into the chthonic metropolis of Fallen London—and maybe find romance? In Failbetter’s dating sim/murder mystery/census-taking simulator, meet a gothic undercity’s worth of colorful characters: some cloaked, some tentacled. Some, assuredly both.

June 2, 2023 — Street Fighter 6 – Ryu Ryu Ryu Ryu Ryu Ryu
June 2, 2023 — We Love Katamari Reroll – Remaster of the rollemup sequel
June 6, 2023 — Diablo 4 – The long-awaited action RPG sequel
June 8, 2023 — Mask of the Rose – Fallen London’s ‘sort-of’ dating sim
June 20, 2023 — Aliens: Dark Descent – Xenomorph-slaying squad RTS
June 30, 2023 — Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective – PC port of poltergeist puzzler

July 14, 2023 — Exoprimal – Co-op mechsuit dino shooter