EA CEO Andrew Wilson announces that the publisher is “overjoyed” by the performance of DICE-developed shooter Star Wars Battlefront during a quarterly financial conference call.

It’s fair to say that Star Wars Battlefront proved to be a little disappointing for many gamers. The title has been launched in November 2015 with plenty of expectations, but the reboot of the beloved Battlefront series from acclaimed FPS developer DICE failed to quite live up to the hype for many. However, it turns out that publisher EA is apparently very happy with the title, revealing that it is “overjoyed” by the performance of the game.

The announcement comes courtesy of Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson, who discussed the game’s success during a recent quarterly financial conference call. According to Wilson, EA is “overjoyed with the performance of Star Wars Battlefront,” throwing particular praise at the title for the 6.6 million players of the title during Q1.

What’s more, Wilson suggested that Star Wars Battlefront will continue its involvement with the new series of Star Wars films. Following on from the Battle of Jakku content that launched for the title, the EA CEO stated that EA will “continue to support that as each movie comes out over the term of our relationship.” This means more content like the upcoming Rogue One DLC for the current iteration of the game, as well as plans for movie tie-in content in future Battlefront games.

star wars battlefront tie fighter

It’s clear that the Star Wars license is something that EA is planning to keep in the foreground of its releases going forward. Wilson revealed that the publisher is going to “align in some cases the content and experiences, and in some cases, just the passion for Star Wars” as the property continues to grow. Already, EA has numerous Star Wars games in development, including the mysterious Visceral Games Star Wars project.

Users familiar with Star Wars Battlefront may be a little surprised to hear about how happy EA is with the performance of the game, as the same cannot be said by many players. The game launched with a disappointing lack of content, including a lack of single player campaign, and many were left feeling that Star Wars Battlefront did not develop a deep enough experience to keep playing. That was certainly backed up by the number of PC players still interested in the game, as Battlefield 4 actually had more daily users as of earlier in the year.

Although Star Wars Battlefront did sell well, it would not be surprising to see EA attempt to address some of the criticisms of the first game when the title’s planned 2017 Battlefront sequel comes to fruition. Fans may be more than a little hesitant to pick up another Battlefront game unless a larger amount of content is on a show, with a particular interest in a campaign mode. Given that fellow EA stablemate Titanfall is receiving a single player mode in its own sequel, perhaps Battlefront fans might have some good news ahead of them.