After several surprises in group stage we have our top 12 teams that have qualified for WESG main event and continuing the fight for prize pool of $92,500.

Group A has seen likes of godsentGODSENT 4-0-0, ukraineUkraine 3-1-0 and NOREG 2-0-2 advancing to playoffs while endpointEndpoint 1-0-3 and northNorth Academy 0-0-4 dropping out.

Group B had huge surprise with wololosWololos 3-1-0 topping the group and leaving
space soldiersSpace Soldiers 2-1-1 and bigBIG 2-0-2 behind them but still qualifying, while
Nemiga 1-0-3 and quantum bellator fireQuantum Bellator Fire 1-0-3 have finished their run.

wesg eu cis groups final

Group C had another upset where we saw envyusEnVyUs 3-1-0, Russia 2-1-1 and
belgiumBelgium 2-0-2 taking playoff spots while 0-3-1 failing to qualify along with gameagentsGameAgents  0-1-3 who were underdogs in this group.

Group D shows us that agoAGO 4-0-0 is in great shape as they take top spot ahead of limitlessLimitless 3-0-1 and fnaticFnatic 2-0-2 who was expected to be guaranteed top spot before games started. resistanceRESISTANCE 0-1-3 and fragstersFragsters 0-1-3 have finished their run this year.

Playoffs will see top 3 from each group playing Winner Bracket system where top teams from groups are already qualified for spot in 1/4 finals.

space soldiersSpace Soldiers  2 -vs- 0 NOREG  > envyusEnVyUs -vs- space soldiersSpace Soldiers

limitlessLimitless 0 -vs- 2 belgiumBelgium > godsentGODSENT -vs- belgiumBelgium

Russia 0 -vs- 2 fnaticFnatic > agoAGO -vs- fnaticFnatic

ukraineUkraine 2 -vs- 0 bigBIG > wololosWololos -vs- ukraineUkraine

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Marko Ladavac