WESG EU & CIS qualifications reach playoffs


After several surprises in group stage we have our top 12 teams that have qualified for WESG main event and continuing the fight for prize pool of $92,500.

Group A has seen likes of GODSENTGODSENT 4-0-0, UkraineUkraine 3-1-0 and NOREG 2-0-2 advancing to playoffs while EndpointEndpoint 1-0-3 and NorthNorth Academy 0-0-4 dropping out.

Group B had huge surprise with WololosWololos 3-1-0 topping the group and leaving
Space SoldiersSpace Soldiers 2-1-1 and BIGBIG 2-0-2 behind them but still qualifying, while
Nemiga 1-0-3 and Quantum Bellator Fire 1-0-3 have finished their run.

WESG EU CIS Groups Final

Group C had another upset where we saw EnvyUSEnVyUs 3-1-0, Russia 2-1-1 and
BelgiumBelgium 2-0-2 taking playoff spots while Virtus.pro 0-3-1 failing to qualify along with GameAgentsGameAgents  0-1-3 who were underdogs in this group.

Group D shows us that AGOAGO 4-0-0 is in great shape as they take top spot ahead of LimitlessLimitless 3-0-1 and FnaticFnatic 2-0-2 who was expected to be guaranteed top spot before games started. RESISTANCERESISTANCE 0-1-3 and FragstersFragsters 0-1-3 have finished their run this year.

Playoffs will see top 3 from each group playing Winner Bracket system where top teams from groups are already qualified for spot in 1/4 finals.

Space SoldiersSpace Soldiers  2 -vs- 0 NOREG  > EnvyUSEnVyUs -vs- Space SoldiersSpace Soldiers

LimitlessLimitless 0 -vs- 2 BelgiumBelgium > GODSENTGODSENT -vs- BelgiumBelgium

Russia 0 -vs- 2 FnaticFnatic > AGOAGO -vs- FnaticFnatic

UkraineUkraine 2 -vs- 0 BIGBIG > WololosWololos -vs- UkraineUkraine