WESG EU & CIS Qualifier group phase has started today where 20 teams are fighting for 12 spots that secure spot to main event and current prize pool of $92.500 split respectively.

Group A has finished with godsentGODSENT securing top spot by winning all games with +33 round difference. Beside Swedish side spot in playoffs have secured team ukraineUkraine and NOREG with 9 and 6 earned points respectively. Only team to not win a single game is northNorth Academy who ended up their round difference of -36. endpointEndpoint managed to snatch one win over northNorth Academy but that wasn’t enough for them to qualify as Norwegian side had two wins

Group B is currently in progress with only Nemiga playing all 4 of their matches and ending with 1-3 score after beating quantum bellator fireQuantum Bellator Fire 16:12 on de_nuke.
wololosWololos are only one in this group so far with two wins while space soldiersSpace Soldiers and bigBIG with one but they have two more games to play.
space soldiersSpace Soldiers and bigBIG are clear favorites for advancing while wololosWololos and
quantum bellator fireQuantum Bellator Fire will fight for remaining spot in playoffs.

Group C and Group D will be played on Friday 24th November 2017.

Group C we have some famous teams like envyusEnVyUs and Virtus.pro but that is not all. They will play against team belgiumBelgium, team Russia and gameagentsGameAgents. This is probably most even group as four teams quite close in quality with envyusEnVyUs and
Virtus.pro maybe being slight favorites as they play in their original lineups.

Group D agoAGO and fnaticFnatic will battle fragstersFragsters, limitlessLimitless and
resistanceRESISTANCE for their place in playoffs. While fnaticFnatic and agoAGO are almost certain to advance question is can resistanceRESISTANCElimitlessLimitless or fragstersFragsters make this group more interesting.

Stream is available at WESG1 and WESG2 for everyone who understand English.

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