After Planetkey last LAN competition at ESL Meisterschaft Winter 2015 Finals, the team finished in 3-4th place featuring only one of their current player Robin “r0bs3n” Stephan.

The previous lineup disbanded after the German organisation had welcomed four new players from Phoenix lineup, who joined Stephan.

In the past few days, Planetkey saw themselves disqualified from E-Frag Rising Stars Europe after winning first place due to betting violations which saw Phan and Koray “xall” Yaman place extremely high bets on themselves to win the grand final against Revival.
Additionally, ALTERNATE aTTaX’s player Oliver “kzy” Heck accused the team of cheating at the online tournament.

Planetkey stated:

“We have released our CS:GO team with immediate effect. In yesterday’s final of the Rising Stars Europe tournament, our players xall and syken clearly acted against the tournament rules by going onto CS:GO Lounge and betting on the game. This act lead to our subsequent disqualification from the tournament. We hereby dissociate ourselves from the misconduct of the players and apologize to the other participants and fans.”After yesterday’s disqualification from Rising Stars Europe featuring players betting violations, Planetkey decided to release a team.

Planetkey’s lineup was:

Robin “r0bs3n” Stephan
Bastian “ayken” Schend
Ammar “am0” Cakmak
Koray “xall” Yaman
Thilo “syken” Phan

Jan “LyGHT” Patocka* (only a stand-in during the Rising Stars Europe final)