Gamers exploring the Resident Evil VII Beginning Hour demo discover a possible hint that the full game will come packed with a demo for the Resident Evil 2 remake.

Right now, many Resident Evil fans are exploring the cryptic Resident Evil VII demo in search of clues and secrets. Eagle-eyed NeoGAF users may have discovered one such secret hidden on a loading screen in the demo, and that secret may have more to do with the upcoming Resident Evil 2remake than it does Resident Evil VII.

On one of the loading screens in Resident Evil VII, a string of numbers can be seen on the left side. 90009 is included in the numbers, which happens to correspond with the Resident Evil: Director’s Cut product ID on PlayStation 1. More specifically, 90009 is included in the product ID for the version of Resident Evil: Director’s Cut that comes with a demo for Resident Evil 2.

It’s unlikely that 90009 was thrown into the Beginning Hour demo for Resident Evil VII by accident, and so some have taken it as a hint that the full game will come with a demo for Resident Evil 2remake. For Capcom, bundling a demo for Resident Evil 2 remake with Resident Evil VII would make sense for a couple of reasons.

resident evil 7 teaser may hint at a resident evil 2 remake demo resident evil 7 loading screen

For one, it doesn’t seem as though all Resident Evil enthusiasts are sold on Resident Evil VII‘svirtual reality horror experience. Some are disappointed that the game doesn’t play like a more traditional Resident Evil title, and is instead employing a first-person view. Capcom could entice some of those disgruntled series veterans into picking up Resident Evil VII by sweetening the pot with a demo for RE2 remake, which is more likely to play like a classic survival-horror game.

Another reason it makes sense to bundle the Resident Evil 2 remake demo with Resident Evil VII is fan feedback. Presumably, Resident Evil 2 remake is still a long ways from finishing development, so Capcom could tweak the final product based on how fans respond to the demo.

Of course, all of this is assuming that Resident Evil VII will in fact come with a demo for the Resident Evil 2 remake, which isn’t confirmed at this time. The inclusion of the 90009 number in the Resident Evil VII demo could just be a coincidence, but maybe there’s more hints at it hidden as a secret in the demo. As fans continue to scour the dilapidated farmhouse in the Resident Evil VII demo, stay tuned for the chance that more clues to a Resident Evil 2 remake demo are discovered.

Resident Evil VII will be available on January 24th for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.