Giving the community the tools to get creative in video games almost always yields good results. Since the introduction of Forge in Season 5 of Halo: Infinite, we have seen how players have been able to add interesting twists to 343 Industries’ game, this time with a version of Rocket League.

Rocket League Coming to Halo Infinite

Dan The Bloke is the user who created this version of Rocket League for Halo Infinite named Haloified Rocket League. Based on the Razorback and making adjustments to the code, players can now drive, jump, give a boost to the vehicle, and wallride just like in the title developed by Psyonix. While the worlds of Halo and Rocket League are obviously very different, some visual and gameplay adjustments have been made to make the game as similar as possible to its inspiration.

Details like the neon on the ball, the power-ups you find on the field, the Razorback’s auto-flip, and even the way scoring a goal causes an explosion in the goals are the details that stand out in this version.

Although Dan The Bloke’s work has its details, the creator has also allowed the help of the community by leaving the protection of his scripts for everyone, allowing other creators to use them to improve or create other related content. This version of Rocket League can be found in the Custom Games section.

The future of Halo

Earlier this year, former Xbox Game Studios head and current Game Content and Studios president Matt Booty mentioned that 343 Industries would continue to be the studio in charge of the series, although other external studios could be involved in development. At the time, it was mentioned that Certain Affinity studio was working on Halo Infinite, having previously worked on franchises like Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, and DOOM.