An Asian CS:GO pro has been given a second chance after admitting to committing fraud in June this year.

Azbayar “Senzu” Munkhbold was found guilty of committing a “fraud scheme” against his former organization, Team NKT. The org claimed the 16-year-old player “confessed to his actions.” But despite being found guilty, Senzu was picked up by arguably the best CS:GO team in Asia, TheMongolz, on Sept. 7.

The 16-year-old replaces Chinguun “hasteka” Bayarmaa, who left the team on Sept. 4.

Senzu committed fraud by gambling on his teammates’ skins in June, according to his former teammate, BnTeT. Senzu then allegedly lied to his team and didn’t pay them back for their losses.

TheMongolz are currently competing in ESL Challenger League 45: Asia-Pacific, where Senzu will likely make his debut. The team will also participate in BLAST Premier: Fall American Showdown 2023, starting Oct. 4.

This won’t be Senzu’s first stint with TheMongolz. He played under the organization’s banner last year, between June and October. Like the rest of his team, he transferred to Mazaalai after the organization temporarily stopped operating in CS:GO.

In April 2023, TheMongolz reformed as an organization-less squad with the former IHC Esports roster, according t DotEsports.