James Stephen Donaldson, who is popularly known as MrBeast, has gained significant fame on YouTube for his videos that involve undertaking extreme challenges and giving away money to his viewers. His latest video involves him offering $10,000 per day to any person who can survive by staying inside a grocery store for as long as possible. In the video, MrBeast approaches a random person named Alex and asks him to stay inside the grocery store for as long as he can.

The person from the video, Alex Esteban, is a realtor from Nashville, Tennessee. He is also the host of a podcast titled Winners Official podcast. Esteban also has a budding YouTube channel, with over four thousand subscribers at the time of writing.

MrBeast’s video featuring Alex Esteban was released on December 2, 2023, and has received over 10 million views in the first couple of hours. As part of Jimmy’s challenge, Alex was extremely determined to win money and ultimately succeeded in winning $450,000 for staying in the store for 45 days.

Fans react to Alex winning big in MrBeast’s latest video

MrBeast has a history of giving away money to friends or viewers. He has previously given away an island, offered money to people who could stay inside a circle, and donated to charity. He has also made headlines recently by burying himself underground for seven days in a risky and viral video.

A popular streamer and X account posted about Alex winning $450K in the content creator’s latest video, prompting many MrBeast fans and users to respond to the post immediately.

One user thought it was crazy to earn money just to stay in a store. Others commented that MrBeast just wants to spend money since he is bored with it.


Despite the positive feedback from many X users, one person expressed their doubts regarding the authenticity of the challenge.


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In just a few hours, MrBeast’s latest video has gained significantly more views than his previous ones.