Riot Riru, Riot Games’ global community manager and patch notes author for League of Legends, has provided an update on the Season 13 Clash. Given that there has only been one tournament since the conclusion of Season 12, the community has been wondering why there hasn’t been more.

Riot Riru recently replied to a post on the League of Legends subreddit. The thread discusses the state of the Clash tournament and why there hasn’t been any information about the schedule in the game client.

Riot Riru explained that the devs are currently trying to comprehend the ramifications of the social engineering attack on Clash dates, which is why there haven’t been any updates.

Riot Games, he claims, will address this issue formally in a few days with patch 13.3 since this sort of information is best given via updates for the whole community.

Riot Riru went on to say that he had just received news from his team that Clash may return during the first weekend of March 2023. However, he has advised the community not to cite him because there is no guarantee that they will meet the target date.

Riot Riru asked the community to be patient by requesting a few more days. This is so that Riot Games can formally address the community in the League of Legends Clash update with complete confidence over the tournament schedule dates.

Why does Clash matter to the League of Legends community?

The League of Legends community has embraced Clash for a multitude of reasons. For starters, it introduces a new level of competition and excitement to those who prefer to play the game in a tournament format.

The bracket style allows players to establish five-person teams and fight against other squads in a single elimination format. This generates a sense of pressure and intensity not available in regular games.

The rewards system is another reason why the League of Legends community like Clash. By competing in the tournament and doing well, players can gain unique in-game goodies like skins, emotes, and banners. This encourages participants to put their best foot forward and compete at a higher level, making the event more thrilling and pleasurable for everyone involved.

Furthermore, Clash allows participants to demonstrate their talents and collaborative capabilities in a distinct way from traditional games. The tournament structure necessitates coordination among players in order to win, and the extra pressure and competitiveness produce a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

This is a significant appeal for many players who appreciate being challenged and testing their talents in new ways. It is also great for admirers of professional play.

Riot Games has been chastised in the past for failing to communicate with its player base and providing them with updates, so it is refreshing to see the studio doing so. Hopefully, Clash will return shortly with the tournament schedule.