The Epic Games Store has confirmed the free game for February 16 to be Warpips. The Epic Games Store updates its free game selection every Thursday at 10am CT. But not only does the Epic Games Store make a new game free for users to claim with the weekly update, it also reveals the free game users can claim the following week.

Right now, the Epic Games Store free game is Recipe for Disaster.

A restaurant management sim, Recipe for Disaster is available for Epic Games Store users to claim from now until Thursday, February 16 at 10am CT. There aren’t many professional reviews for Recipe for Disaster, but EGS users don’t need to worry about that when the game is free. Unlike other “free” game programs, Epic Games Store free games come with no other fees and no strings attached, so anyone interested simply needs to claim the game to keep it forever.

When February 16 rolls around, Recipe for Disaster will be replaced by Warpips.

Warpips is a strategy game with a distinct cartoonish art style that has players deploying various military personnel and vehicles with a focus on “fast streamlined combat.” Similar to Recipe for Disaster, there’s not much in the way of reviews for Warpips, but those interested in the premise can claim the game for free come February 16.

Epic Games Store users will be clued in as to the identity of the February 23 free game after Warpips is added to the service, but there’s no way to know what it will be beforehand. The Epic Games Store gives away a wide range of games of varying genres, so it’s difficult to guess what’s coming next. Sometimes the games are obscure like Recipe for Disaster and Warpips, but other times the games are higher profile, big budget releases.

As far as the new Epic Games Store free games for 2023 go, the highest profile so far is probably Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. A standalone expansion for Dishonored 2, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider was published by Bethesda, making it one of the more significant free games of the year so far. With new Epic Games Store free games added on a weekly basis and big events like the mystery game promotions likely returning, there is still plenty of time for Epic Games’ digital storefront to add free games that are even bigger than Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. For now, Epic Games Store users can claim Recipe for Disaster and look forward to Warpips joining the free games lineup next week.