Modern Warfare 3 has brought quite a few new features and terms to the realm of Call of Duty, but it’s not all new. Multi-kills are still something players can obtain and may need for challenges at times.

With that being said, players are wondering how many kills is a multi kill in MW3? Let’s talk about it.

Getting multikills in Call of Duty Modern Warfare is typically an exciting moment, and the times when we’re pushing our limits to see just how many we can get before being eliminated ourselves.

While getting a double, triple, or even quad kills don’t pop up as a multi kill in the feed, they technically do count as such.

Modern Warfare 3: Simply put, a multikill is a special kill performed by defeating two or more opponents in quick succession. Rapidly eliminating enemies within a second or two of each other is enough to count as a multikill. Fury Kills also count as multikills, except these have a four-kill minimum requirement.

In order to get the Multi kill pop-up on the feed, you’ll need to get five or more kills in rapid succession, not the easiest of feats. If you’re looking to get multi kills for an MW3 challenge, you’re still earning credit with only a quick double kill, so don’t stress getting to five or more.

We recommend giving the hardcore playlist a try when trying to knockout multi kills due to how quickly your opponents can drop. All it takes is a few shots, and you could have a nice muli kill to add to the tally and work through your challenges quickly.