VALORANT fans, it’s time to get excited since there are plenty of new agents coming to the game this year, developer Riot Games announced.

The character producer for VALORANT at Riot, John Goscicki, said that players can expect to see three new agents coming to the game in 2023.

There will be a new initiator and a new sentinel introduced later this year. Riot was eerily quiet about the class of the third and final agent coming in 2023, though.

The third agent is likely in early development and Riot may not be able to pinpoint the class that it will fit in with. Or, as some fans are guessing, we could see a new agent class added to the game. But this remains speculation.

Goscicki said that not every class will have the same number of agents as more are added to the game. “As always, we need to maintain a good balance of roles and game styles,” he said. “But as we’ve added a lot more agents to the game, we don’t necessarily need to have a perfect one-to-one balance across all of the roles.”

The next agent that is set to be added to the game will feature a new way to check corners and get onto locations, Goscicki said in the State of the Agents video. Goscicki didn’t provide much detail on the next agent beyond that, however.

The latest agent to be added to VALORANT, controller Harbor, was released in October last year. His impact has been felt across the professional level, mostly, since he’s fairly unpopular in ranked and other game modes. At VCT LOCK//IN, he’s been played nine times, while Brimstone, another controller, has only been picked seven times so far, according to VALORANT data site The Spike.