IEM Katowice Major first in 2019 is about to start it’s main event. Legends who qualified form previous Major have been joined by top 8 teams from main qualifier. We’ve seen some upsetting results – fnatic failed to qualify for first time ever – as well as some major breakthroughs ENCE and NRG 3-0!

Matches are starting at 13:00 with ENCE -vs- Renegades and
BIG -vs- Vitality.

13:00 – ENCE -vs- Renegades
13:00 – BIG -vs- Vitality
14:10 – Na’Vi -vs- G2
14:10 – FaZe -vs- HellRaisers
15:20 – NRG -vs- NiP
15:20 – Liquid -vs- AVANGAR
16:30 – MIBR -vs- Cloud9
16:30 – Astralis -vs- compLexity

There are 8 more matches planned for today in round 2, where teams will meet opponent with same score.

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Marko Ladavac