The latest Minecraft update, which the game for some reason calls snapshots, is mostly routine: Focused on smithing, squishing a few bugs, tweaking a few parameters. Then one of the most popular and widely played games on the planet says it’s finally managed to deal with a bug that was first noticed 11 years ago.

Take a bow MC-1133, which is not a minor Halo character but the name given to this particular gremlin. This bug prevented players from hearing footsteps when their avatar got too close to the edge of a block in Minecraft. The game would get confused about the avatar’s relative position, think it was somehow in mid-air rather than on solid ground, and thus walking when in this position made no sound.

No more.

With regards to MC-1133, Mojang says it’s now the case that “Whether or not a player experiences some effect is calculated based on the block under the center of the player.” Footsteps are back!

Going into slightly more detail, the patch notes add:

  • Walking on a block will now always play a step sound
  • It was previously not the case if you were walking along the edge of a block with air or fluid besides it
  • Walking on the ocean floor will produce a step sound for the block you are walking on at a lower volume and pitch

Other changes mean players no longer require a smithing template in the template slot, and the jukebox has been added to the Redstone Blocks creative tab.

Minecraft has most recently been in the news for something far more unbelievable than a bug with some longevity: Military secrets leaked on a Discord relating to the game. Yes, really. It’s a far cry from the innocent days of speedrunning scandals. The game’s long-awaited spinoff Minecraft Legends also launched recently although, erm, maybe the less said about that one the better.