Renegades have secured their spot at the ELEAGUE Major Offline Qualifier 2017, after defeating VG.CyberZen in the Upper Bracket final of the Asian Minor Championship.

The second day of the Minor began with the Australians heading into battle against MVP project in the first match of the playoffs. Renegades had a solid start claiming the first pistol round, leading 3-0 on the Terrorist side of Nuke. The Koreans reversed the situation once they had rifles, securing the remaining rounds to finish 11-4 in the first half.

In the other half, MVP project reached map point first at 15-10 but the Australians survived the scare as they succesfully completed the comeback train to take the first map to overtime. On the back of Aaron “AZR” Ward’s 39-kill performance, Renegades were able to steal the first map away from the Koreans, winning 21-18 in the end.

Can Renegades win their first title of the year or will they lose another final in Asia?

Next up was MVP project’s map pick on Cobblestone. Despite the Koreans leading 4-0, Yaman “yam” Ergenekon and company turned it around easily, ending 10-5 on the T side in the first half. WithJustin “jks” Savage leading the charge, his team quickly picked up the final six rounds to take the series 2-0.

The next semi-final was a classic rematch between the two chinese rivals. Unexpectedly, the domestic duel somehow ended up going in the way of VG.CyberZen 2-0 (16-11 de_overpass, 16-13 de_nuke), who always seem to fall short against TyLoo in countless LAN finals in China this year. This win couldn’t have been accomplished without Bin “Savage” Liu and KunHua “LOVEYY” Bai displaying massive performances throughout the series.

You can find the updated list of participants for the ELEAGUE Major offline qualifier below:

dignitas NiP G2 EnVyUs
FaZe mousesports OpTic CLG
Renegades Asia Minor #2 EU Minor #1 EU Minor #2
NA Minor #1 NA Minor #2 CIS Minor #1 CIS Minor #2

Here is the schedule for the final day of the Asia Minor, which will resume tomorrow:

Sunday, October 30th
04:30 MVP project vs. TyLoo BO3 C1
08:00 VG.CyberZen vs. Winner C1 BO3 C2
Grand Final
11:30 Renegades vs. Winner C2 BO3 C3