Spirit Breaker has now been renamed to Team Spirit Breaker in honor of the winners of The International 2023 – Team Spirit.

Valve has bestowed an incredible honor on the TI12 champions in the latest Dota 2 update, but the hero’s new name is only in the English version of the game.

With Team Spirit’s second rise to the top as The International champions, Valve decided to commemorate their victory at the grandest stage with a simple gesture. As of today, Oct. 31, one of the most dominant heroes, Spirit Breaker, has had its name officially changed to “Team Spirit Breaker.”

Spirit Breaker was widely considered to be one of the S-tier heroes during TI 2023. The hero’s rise to prominence happened gradually, with constant buffs to his Charge of Darkness and Bulldoze. After going through a few nerfs in the previous patch, the prevalence of Hand of Midas and a bigger map to charge around slowly brought him back into the meta once again.

While not picked as much as some of the other heroes like Primal Beast, Muerta, and Kunkka, Spirit Breaker was relevant and contributed to the success of its team in every game it was picked. According to the stats from Dota2ProTracker, Team Spirit Breaker currently occupies a comfortable 52 percent win rate, making him a successful hero overall in this patch.

The full list of changes in the latest Dota 2 update:

  • Spirit Breaker renamed to Team Spirit Breaker;
  • Added a set of stickers for the champions of The International 2023;
  • Larl added to the Hall of Fame;
  • Team Spirit immortalized in the list of all The International champions;
  • Updated localization files;
  • Updated game coordinator features;
  • The “Predictions” tab has been updated to reflect the tournament results.

Earlier, even during The International 2023, Valve highlighted Team Spirit carry, Ilya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk, among the other players in the championship.

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