League of Legends – Each month, Riot releases some brand-new skins. While some skins are officially announced, other skins get leaked ahead of time. We knew that at some point in 2022 we would be getting anime-themed tamer skins, but we didn’t think they’d be on this scale…

Check it out!

  1. First on the list – Monster Tamer Lulu & Zap’Maw 

Cute new skins for Lulu & Kog Maw

Source Riot

2. Monster Tamer Veigar – Like this Veigar seems like an evil monster Tamer but still cute in the right way!

Source Riot

3. Armored Titan Nasus – Universe of Valkyries steel 

4. Cyber Halo Janna 

CH Janan looks really dope and there is “Prestige” skin. Look next one!

Source Riot

5. Cyber Halo Janna Prestige

More artsy world incuded. Which one you like the better, comment below!

Source Riot

6. Strike Commander Camille

Camille is here as scary sci-fi commander and it does look awesome!

Source Riot

7. Strike Paladin Lucian 

The last one and the worst one. Too many of sci-fi but many of nothing in particular. We know that the Riot can do better and that one is not attractive like the others.

Source Riot


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