League of Legends – Each month, Riot releases some brand-new skins. While some skins are officially announced, other skins get leaked ahead of time. We knew that at some point in 2022 we would be getting anime-themed tamer skins, but we didn’t think they’d be on this scale…

Check it out!

  1. First on the list – Monster Tamer Lulu & Zap’Maw 

Cute new skins for Lulu & Kog Maw

Source: Riot

2. Monster Tamer Veigar – Like this Veigar seems like an evil monster Tamer but still cute in the right way!

Source: Riot

3. Armored Titan Nasus – Universe of Valkyries steel 

4. Cyber Halo Janna 

CH Janan looks really dope and there is “Prestige” skin. Look next one!

Source: Riot

5. Cyber Halo Janna Prestige

More artsy world incuded. Which one you like the better, comment below!

Source: Riot

6. Strike Commander Camille

Camille is here as scary sci-fi commander and it does look awesome!

Source: Riot

7. Strike Paladin Lucian 

The last one and the worst one. Too many of sci-fi but many of nothing in particular. We know that the Riot can do better and that one is not attractive like the others.

Source: Riot


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