Riot Games is considering adding a women’s League of Legends global esports circuit, similar to its Valorant Game Changers initiative.

Esports News UK sources said that such a move was discussed internally by Riot a little while back, but today’s announcement that G2 Esports have signed a women’s League of Legends team has taken the idea forward.

We’ve been told a women’s circuit is happening, but the timing of the launch of the league has not been set in stone yet, however.

Separate to a global circuit, Riot is also considering adding other isolated tournaments for female players, but plans around these are still in the works.

Currently there is no official women’s League of Legends circuit by Riot Games. There have been a few third-party women-only LoL tournaments over the years, such as FemaleLegends at DreamHack, ESWC Paris, and more recently the GirlGamer Oradea Festival EU LoL tournament. This was won by the roster that later signed to G2 and will include a world final set to take place in early 2023, but it’s not an official women’s Worlds tournament.

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In the UK, at a student level, there are also NUEL’s Women university tournaments in League of Legends and Valorant.

In North America, Riot’s LCS previously introduced a Game Changers initiative, but this is more workshop and mentorship focused rather than a competitive tournament series (though there was a one-off competitive bootcamp event). In November 2021, Riot told Jessica Scharnagle in this article for Nerd Street why the LCS program was not publicised like Valorant Game Changers is, saying that Riot “doesn’t want women to feel pressure or toxicity publicly”. Riot has also announced women’s initiatives in Brazil.

Sources said that Game Changers coming to EU League of Legends in particular is something that has ‘definitely’ been discussed further and may be likelier than ever following the G2 announcement.

Riot’s Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Game Changers women’s circuit was first launched in North America in early 2021, and was added to the EMEA region following its success. Back in May 2022, G2 Gozen won a record three VCT Game Changers tournaments in a row, beating UK org Guild again in the final.

H2K founder Richard Wells previously said it’s a big goal of his for 2022 to start work to help get more female LoL players competing at the top level, and this comment on the LoL subreddit claims Rich mentioned he was working with Riot for a female League scene. We’ve reached out to Rich for clarification.

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