Seoul will host its first major professional VALORANT event: Champions 2024.

A new VALORANT esports season has begun and developer Riot Games has revealed that the venue for the culminating event of the 2024 VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) will be in South Korea.

“It’s my pleasure to officially announce that Champions 2024 will be held here in Seoul South Korea from 1st to 24th August,” Jake Sin, Head of VALORANT Esports APAC, revealed in a statement to the press during the opening of the VCT Pacific Kickoff tournament.

“This is obviously very exciting news not just for our Korean fans but for everyone in the entire Asia-Pacific region.”

This is the first time since VALORANT Champions began in 2021 that Champions will be held in the Asia Pacific region.

Last year’s VALORANT Champions was held in Los Angeles while Berlin hosted the event in 2022. The inaugural VALORANT Champions, on the other hand, took place in 2021 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Madrid Shanghai and now Seoul Image via Riot Games

According to Sin, there were a lot of considerations factored into choosing the next host city. This included cost, accessibility, infrastructures, Visa applications and more. With all these considered, Seoul emerged as the natural choice.

“Korea has long been a hub for esports, and we wanted to celebrate that by bringing Champions 2024 to their doorstep,” Sin explained.

“From the bustling gaming cafes to the electric atmosphere of live events, Seoul provides the perfect backdrop for the climax of the VCT.”

Riot also emphasised that the fan experience remains at the core of their decision in choosing this year’s venue for VALORANT Champions.

“We believe we have to go meet our fans wherever they are,” added Sin.

Sin shared his genuine excitement about choosing Seoul as the host city, highlighting the incredible opportunity it presents for Korean fans and the wider Asia Pacific esports community.

How will teams earn slots in VALORANT Champions?

The new VCT Season gives more opportunities for teams to qualify for VALORANT’s highest-tier tournament through “Championship Points.” These points become pivotal in determining which teams secure their place in the prestigious VALORANT Champions event at the end of the season.

Teams earn championship points based on their performance throughout the season, accumulating points with each victory.

During Stage One and Stage Two, teams earn one point for every match won, while victories in the Kickoff and Masters events garner three points each.

The objective is clear: reward consistency. As the competition heats up, only the most steadfast teams will emerge victorious.

For now, fans can continue rooting for their favourite teams as they compete in their respective leagues, for a chance to win a championship and even get a spot to compete at VCT Masters Madrid, and accumulate championship points to qualify for Champions this year.

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