First match of Day 2 of FACEIT London Major is between BIG and Tyloo. Both teams had wins against favorites but BIG(FaZe 16:5) had far easier work than Tyloo(MiBR 16:13).

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Fist Half:
It started great for BIG as they won pistol round and kept their composure and team play as they got huge lead as CT on Train 7:0. Tyloo managed to get on board with fast push on A site but BIG just struck back immediately to reset the T’s economy. However Tyloo showed that they are not here by accident. Good push on B site – even after huge grenade by CT’s – gave them second round and forced CT’s to spend a lot of their economy. Unfortunately for Tyloo, BIG doesn’t play around as they immediately reset Tyloo economy to close out half at 13:2.

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Second Half:
BIG was on a verge of finishing the map as they’ve won another pistol round but Tyloo managed to overcome the bad start by taking second round and several rounds after that to get to 7:14 score. BIG didn’t allow Tyloo to mount the comeback as Tyloo did against MIBR yesterday as they secure 16th round on back of Tizian “tiziaN” Feldbusch who made double entry kill.

Best in BIG were Johannes “Nex” Maget 1.37 rating and Owen “Smooya” Butterfield with 1.53 rating, while in Tyloo best player was Hui “DD” Wu with 0.98 rating.

big vs tyloo

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Marko Ladavac